Although specialising in CIS and tax planning for individuals and SME's, We offer a wide range of accountancy, tax and business advisory services and solutions and have many years experience working with different trade and service types from consultancy, marketing, healthcare, beauty, graphic design, music industry and management services to name a few. 

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Whether you are a self employed CIS subcontractor, a limited company subcontractor or CIS contractor, we can help with all aspects of CIS.

From ensuring you are invoicing in the correct way, calculating CIS correctly, verifying subcontractors, initiating repayment claims or simply helping with the registrations. 

Self assessment

Self assessment tax returns can be confusing and very time consuming.

Hundreds of individuals are penalised each year by HMRC for reasons such as, incorrect returns being submitted, missing deadlines, incorrect records of accounts, overstated expenses and capital allowances or making late payments.

We don't just fill out the self assessment for you, if you have rental properties or self employment, we will also supply you with a profit and loss report, we will consider all reliefs and allowances available to you and ensure you are utilising these. We then take care of all correspondence with HMRC on you behalf for the length of your engagement with us.

Limited company accounts and corporation tax

It's 'accrual' world ... get it? Nope? inside accountants joke. 

Limited companies are required by law to comply with FRS and GAAP and unless you have prior knowledge, experience or qualifications, no one expects you to understand it. Thats what we are here for. 

Limited company reporting is somewhat more complex than that of a sole trader and the amount of reporting is also more vast. We offer several different packages to limited companies, from preparing and filing annual accounts and corporation tax return only, to preparing and filing your accounts, corporation tax return, confirmation statement, directors tax returns and help with writing board minutes, creating dividend vouchers along with tax planning to ensure you utilise the many allowances available to you.  

Tax advice & planning

We offer tax advice and planning to both individuals and companies. 

Many people in the UK are paying too much tax and not utilising the reliefs and allowances available to them.

As part of our personal service, we get to know you, then get to know your affairs and look at the ways we can help reduce your liabilities, we can advise and refer you if necessary call in other professionals (IFA’s, solicitors etc) that can also help us achieve our goal.

Company formation

We offer company formation services at competitive rates. 

Unlike some formation agents, we are qualified and regulated to give advice alongside the formation.

We will first ensure that you understand all the legal obligations and responsibilities that come with running a limited company and can advise on outsourcing registered office addresses if necessary.

We will then ensure that not only is your company registered, but also take care of all other registrations as necessary to ensure that you get off to the right start (Corporation tax, PAYE, VAT, self assessment etc).

Start-up support & business advice

Starting your own business can be very daunting and having the right team of expert support is key in successful business planning.

One of the most fatal mistakes made by individuals starting a business, is choosing the wrong structure.

Initially we need to gain a full understanding of your business idea and future expectations, we can then advise you on the best structure for your business - sole trader, partnership, limited company. 

We will complete any registrations with HMRC and Companies House on your behalf and help set up any National Insurance contribution payments and advise you on how to save and budget for your tax bill. 

We will support you and give you guidance on your obligations and legal responsibilities and help you understand all the basics - record keeping, expenses, capital allowances etc.

We offer this not only to new businesses, but established companies too, who may need help with cashflow, budgeting and properly managing company finances. 


Bookkeeping can be very time consuming for busy individuals, especially if you have no previous experience of keeping accurate financial records. 

We can take care of all your bookkeeping needs from weekly, monthly or quarterly recording. We have licences with many software providers (Sage, Xero, Intuit etc) and can utilise these for your records if you wish. However, if you are less keen on us using cloud software, we also have custom made spreadsheets.


We can also offer guidance on understanding bookkeeping and accounting processes and provide you with spreadsheet templates to get you started if you wish to take care of your own financial records.


We offer complete payroll services for all types of employer, up to 50 employees.

We don’t just process your payroll, we work with you to manage your payroll and Automatic Enrolment from start to finish, including helping you register as an employer and set up employee records, all you need to do is send us your figures, be it monthly salaries, or weekly hours and we take care of the rest, from producing your payslips, filing your returns with HM Revenue & Customs and producing reports.


We use payroll software to submit your PAYE to HMRC every time you pay your employees, and be secure in the knowledge that we are compliant with Real Time Information (RTI) legislation.


We understand that there is a lot involved with running a business and the extra worry of keeping on top of VAT records and filing returns is a burden that you could do without. We can offer you an extensive VAT service covering all aspects from registering your business, completing and submitting your VAT Returns to ensuring that you are complying with all current legislations.

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